20 km     25 min

Polo matches in Apremont

In twenty years of existence, the Polo Club of Chantilly greatly contributed to the expansion of Polo in France. Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, visionary creator, has the bold idea of opening the world of polo as many by making it more affordable to practitioners and accessible for the general public. To make this vision a reality, on agricultural land belonging to the Institute of France, around an eighteenth century farm, he founded the largest polo club never seen in France, one of the three largest in Europe.

Adjacent Chantilly, the town of Apremont hosts the Polo Club of Chantilly and its world-class riders. Games, even the most important, are open access. The game and the great atmosphere captivate a large audience.


With nine grass pitches and 2 grass sand, horses can run all year in Apremont. About 500 games a year are played there, making it the first center of Polo in Western Europe.


Photo: Jack Lenox